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  • Perfect Privacy VPN Review (2023): High Security, Low Speeds

    Perfect Privacy is a well-known VPN service launched in 2014 by a Swiss company named Vectura Data Management Limited Company. It primarily focuses on user privacy paired with solid online security. It offers plenty of innovative advanced features best suited for tech-savvy power users.

    The question is, can Perfect Privacy even compete with the leading services on the VPN market? Find out in our full Perfect Privacy VPN review below.

    Perfect Privacy VPN Short Review

    Pros Cons
    Solid security package Slow speeds
    AES-256 encryption No live chat
    Obfuscation (stealth VPN) Challenging for beginners
    HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies Expensive
    Excellent firewall Seven-day money-back guarantee
    Good privacy policy (no harmful logging) Small server network
    DNS leak protection No dedicated IPs
    Up-to-date Warrant Canary
    Works with Netflix
    Torrenting is allowed
    Many extra features, like port forwarding, multi-hop (up to four hops), TrackStop, and AI-powered NeuroRouting
    Unlimited simultaneous connections

    Perfect Privacy advertises its service as a “premium VPN,” partially to justify its high price tags. It’s one of the most expensive VPNs out there, but it doesn’t offer enough value for the money, in our opinion.

    This VPN offers a solid security package with AES-256 encryption, stealth mode, a great firewall, and tracking blockers. Moreover, its privacy policy doesn’t reveal any harmful logging or suspicious data sharing. It also uses RAM-only servers. The only drawback is that it lacks some popular protocols offered by other premium providers, like WireGuard.

    While Perfect Privacy offers many features, many other (cheaper) VPNs have similar features as well. Some options, like a four-server multi-hop and IPv6 support, sound great on paper, but not many people will actually need or use this.

    In terms of speed, Perfect Privacy disappointed us. Fast servers obviously aren’t the company’s main focus. In fact, they appear more than ready to sacrifice speed for overblown security. Its modest server network further strengthens this point.

    With their current pricing in mind, we were surprised to see that the software looked very dated. All the options you need are there, but the overall design definitely doesn’t scream “modern top-notch VPN.” With so many complicated options and no live chat feature, we have to conclude that this VPN is a relatively expensive VPN primarily geared toward power users.

    Specifications Perfect Privacy
    💵 Price
    From $8.95 a month
    📱 Operating systems Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows
    💻 Connections Unlimited
    💳 Payment methods Other, Credit card, Cryptocurrency, PayPal
    🔒 Protocols IKEv2, OpenVPN
    📥 Torrent options Torrenting allowed
    📅 Money-back guarantee 7 Days
    📋 Logs No Logs
    🎬 Works with Works with Netflix
    Works with Torrent

    Speed – How Fast is Perfect Privacy VPN?

    Score scale 6/10

    The speed of your network will largely determine the overall performance of your VPN. If your internet is slow, using a VPN could cause huge lag while streaming, gaming, or downloading content. That’s why we test the speed of all VPNs we review to determine their impact on our connection.

    Perfect Privacy is definitely not built for high-speed performance so we gave it 6/10 for speed.

    With that in mind, here’s what we concluded during our Perfect Privacy speed test:

    • Perfect Privacy is disappointingly slow (even on local servers).
    • We didn’t see any noticeable changes in speed during daily use.

    Speed test results Perfect Privacy VPN

    For this Perfect Privacy VPN review, we tested its speed from the US. We start off by determining our benchmark speed (without a VPN) and then compare it to the results recorded on multiple VPN servers. This helps us gauge the effects of encryption on our connection.

    Depending on your location and connection speed, you could get different results. With that in mind, you should only view this table as an indication of potential performance.

    Here are the results of our Perfect Privacy speed test on various key servers:

    Server Download (MBPS) % Download Upload (MBPS) % Upload Ping (MS)
    No VPN 227.89 100% 11.39 100% 23
    The Netherlands 59.89 26.3% 4.94 43.4% 109
    The UK (London) 54.42 23.9% 4.45 39.1% 150
    The UK (Manchester) 25.58 11.2% 4.97 43.6% 112
    The US (New York) 37.88 16.6% 7.19 63.1% 42
    The US (Dallas) 51.48 22.6% 7.95 69.8% 31
    Germany (Frankfurt) 31.86 14.0% 4.72 41.4 118
    Germany (Nuremberg) 33.71 14.8% 4.96 43.5% 111
    France (Paris) 21.77 9.6% 4.89 42.9% 107
    France (Calais) 46.17 20.3% 5.07 44.5% 108
    Japan (Tokyo) 38.84 17.0% 2.85 25.0% 265
    Sweden (Stockholm) 89.06 39.1% 4.24 37.2% 148

    As you can see, Perfect Privacy’s performance is rather disappointing. Even on local servers, we only managed to retain around 22% of our original speed. If you have a super-fast connection, you’ll still be able to stream and game online, in spite of huge speed drops.

    However, if you’re on a slower network, you’ll have a tough time even opening a simple website. This is not something we expect from a “premium” VPN service that constantly boasts about its high-speed servers.

    Fortunately, we didn’t experience any disconnects or lag. The performance was tight and stable without any anomalies. The pings were not exactly perfect, but we were able to connect to any server in just a couple of seconds.

    In conclusion, Perfect Privacy is definitely not among the fastest VPN services out there and we don’t recommend it to users with slow internet speeds.

    Speed during daily use

    Perfect Privacy VPN is slow but consistent. In other words, you shouldn’t expect major speed fluctuations during day-to-day operations. For example, we streamed Netflix and YouTube clips without any problems.

    If you want to get the most out of it, we recommend picking servers that are physically closest to your location. This especially goes if you want to use your VPN for online gaming.

    Having said that, Perfect Privacy is not a good gaming VPN. With its current performance, we can’t even recommend it for streaming or downloading torrents. Modern VPNs like Surfshark are insanely fast and Perfect Privacy can’t compete with them at the moment.

    Safety – How Secure is Perfect Privacy VPN?

    Score scale 8/10

    The main focus of any VPN should be to keep your private data from getting into the wrong hands. This is done by encrypting your online traffic, changing your IP address, and avoiding dangerous logging practices. Perfect Privacy VPN offers a pretty solid set of security features and gets 8/10 for internet safety.

    The main takeaways here:

    • Perfect Privacy supports OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec protocols.
    • It doesn’t log any info that could positively identify you.
    • It comes with an excellent firewall (with the option to activate it permanently).
    • The registration only requires your email address and billing info.


    Perfect Privacy VPN supports the following connection protocols:

    • OpenVPN (TCP/UDP): This offers a great speed-security balance paired with excellent geo-unblocking capabilities. OpenVPN is an all-rounder that should satisfy the needs of most VPN users.
    • IKEv2/IPSec: This protocol is faster and less CPU-intensive than OpenVPN. It’s very popular among mobile users, but is more vulnerable to attacks than OpenVPN (especially man-in-the-middle attacks).

    When it comes to modern top-tier VPN providers, we’ve come to expect the inclusion of WireGuard (or some of its iterations). In our opinion, it’s just a matter of time before this replaces OpenVPN as the new golden standard. Unfortunately, Perfect Privacy doesn’t support WireGuard. We can’t say for sure, but it could just be the solution to their speed issues.
    Screenshot of Perfect Privacy VPN, Protocols
    When using OpenVPN, you can choose between various encryption options, including AES-256, the strongest encryption method out there used by the military, banks, and other institutions that need to protect sensitive data.
    Screenshot of Perfect Privacy VPN, Encryption
    You can find more options located in the “Cascading and Stealth” tab:

    • Stealth protocols: Stealth (or obfuscation) allows you to bypass deep packet inspection and get around online censorship by masking your VPN traffic to look like regular browsing. With Perfect Privacy, you can choose between Obfsproxy3, SSH, and Stunnel on ports 22 (SSH), 53 DNS, 443 (SSL), 8085, 9009, and 36315. If you’re not a huge port expert, you can let the client pick the best port for you automatically. Note that you can’t switch to UDP configuration while using obfuscation.
    • HTTP or SOCKS5 proxies: You can use proxies to connect to any Perfect Privacy VPN server. The proxy settings allow you to set up your credentials and authentication method. All proxies are able to resolve .onion (Tor) addresses. Unfortunately, you can’t use proxies offered by Perfect Privacy while stealth remains active.
    • Multi-hop feature (“Cascading”): This allows you to route your traffic through up to four VPN servers instead of just one. This lets you bypass especially nasty VPN filters and protects you from sophisticated attacks. However, routing your traffic through four servers will slow down your connection speed even more, so we don’t recommend using it unless absolutely necessary.

    Screenshot of Perfect Privacy VPN, Cascading and stealth tab

    Logging and privacy

    Perfect Privacy VPN is owned by a Swiss company called Vectura Data Management Limited Company. Switzerland is known as a VPN-friendly location thanks to its Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and Federal Data Protection Ordinance (DPO). It’s also one of the GDPR-compliant countries that are outside of the Eyes Alliance.

    Having said that, every VPN has to collect some data in order to provide its service. So, let’s take a look at information recorded by Perfect Privacy:

    • Personal data: Your login credentials and email address (anonymous email providers are allowed) will be stored.
    • Billing info: Perfect Privacy doesn’t record your credit card info or other payment details. However, if you use one of the payment options provided through Paymentwall, the billing info you enter will be transmitted to them.
    • Data when you visit the site: Technical data, like your browser and operating system, is collected by the VPN.

    Perfect Privacy’s privacy policy is not very precise, but we can see that they’re refraining from harmful logging. In other words, they won’t record your IP address, the sites you visit, timestamps, and other info that could expose you to attacks.

    Perfect Privacy follows the example of the best VPNs out there and operates exclusively on diskless (RAM-only) servers. This is excellent news for privacy-minded users since all recorded information gets wiped from these servers with every reset.

    However, we are concerned about this part of the official Privacy Policy:

    “If you use this website, various pieces of personal data will be collected. Personal information is any data with which you could be personally identified.”

    In spite of the quoted text, their privacy policy doesn’t show any data logging that could positively identify you (unless you’re using an email with your real name, which you shouldn’t). So, we can’t be sure what data they’re referring to.

    The privacy policy on the official site is a machine-translated version of the original text in German. This could explain some of the weird language choices and sentences.

    On the plus side, Perfect Privacy is maintaining a regularly updated Warrant Canary, which shows zero national security letters, court orders, warrants/gag orders, and backdoor requests.

    Kill switch

    If your VPN malfunctions for whatever reason, a kill switch will block all traffic until the safety of the VPN tunnel is restored. Unfortunately, Perfect Privacy VPN doesn’t come with a kill switch, but it offers an excellent firewall, which is even better.
    Screenshot of Perfect Privacy VPN, Firewall and DNS
    You can choose to activate the firewall only when you’re connected to a VPN server. Alternatively, you can use it independently from VPN connections or simply activate it permanently. This reminds us of the permanent kill switch offered by ProtonVPN.

    Note that the permanent firewall will block all internet traffic that’s not routed through a VPN tunnel. In other words, you won’t be able to access the internet without a VPN. Even if you exit the program or restart your device, this setting will still be in effect until you disable it.

    What information does Perfect Privacy VPN need?

    To create an account with Perfect Privacy, you only have to provide your email address and pick a payment method. We recommend boosting your privacy by creating an anonymous email address without any personal identifiers. You can also pay with Bitcoin to avoid sharing your billing info with third-party payment processors.

    Usability – How User-Friendly is Perfect Privacy VPN?

    Score scale 7.5/10

    Perfect Privacy is packed with advanced options, which will greatly benefit VPN power users. On the other hand, VPN beginners might have a tough time finding their way around and navigating all the complicated options. That’s why we gave Perfect Privacy a 7.5 for usability.

    Here are some important points to keep in mind:

    • Perfect Privacy VPN’s website is very easy to use.
    • The apps can be challenging for beginners.
    • The installation is quick and effortless.
    • It’s very expensive with a short money-back guarantee.
    • Customer support is good, but it lacks live chat.

    Perfect Privacy website and installation process

    Perfect Privacy VPN’s website is very simple and easy to navigate. You can open the registration screen by clicking the “My Account” button in the top-right corner of the homepage.
    Screenshot of Perfect Privacy VPN, website homepage
    Once you’ve registered, you’ll be granted access to your personal dashboard (they call it the “customer area”). Here, you can tinker with various advanced features, check your account details, download Perfect Privacy software for your device, and access customer support.
    Screenshot of Perfect Privacy VPN, Online dashboard
    Perfect Privacy VPN covers all major operating systems, but offers native apps only for Windows, macOS, and Android. At the moment, it doesn’t have any browser extensions available.
    Screenshot of Perfect Privacy VPN, Supported platforms
    For this Perfect Privacy VPN review, we primarily tested its Windows app. Here are the steps you’ll go through during the installation process:

    1. Go to Perfect Privacy’s official website.
    2. Click on “My Account” in the top-right corner.
    3. Sign up with your chosen credentials (just an email address).
    4. Go to “Download & Setup” in your personal dashboard.
    5. Pick the appropriate version of Windows and click “Download.”
    6. The app download will start automatically.
    7. Click on the downloaded file and the installation will start.
    8. Follow the instructions.

    Note that you’ll be provided with your login credentials (username and password) for the client AND your personal dashboard. In other words, you don’t define them yourself.
    Screenshot of Perfect Privacy VPN, Saving Login Credentials
    We wholeheartedly recommend that you have your credentials delivered to you in an email by checking the second option. You can change the password in your personal dashboard, but you’ll have to remember your username.

    Perfect Privacy appearance and ease-of-use

    Perfect Privacy VPN’s client offers a ton of advanced options, which could pose a challenge for VPN beginners. On the other hand, we believe that power users will have a blast with this VPN.

    When disconnected, the main screen will show you your real IP address paired with a list of available servers. The buttons at the bottom allow you to check latency for all servers in real-time, access client settings, and quit or minimize the app.
    Screenshot of Perfect Privacy VPN, Connected and disconnected window
    We especially like the option to gauge server load in real time. This will help you pick the fastest VPN locations for you and avoid server crowding.

    You can set up your Perfect Privacy VPN app to start with Windows, start minimized, or automatically connect to a chosen server when you boot up your device.
    Screenshot of Perfect Privacy VPN, Program settings tab
    Unfortunately, Perfect Privacy’s client looks dated at best and features a lot of overly technical options and complicated menus. That’s why we don’t recommend it to absolute beginners. If you’ve never used a VPN before, we suggest starting with a provider like CyberGhost instead.

    Pricing and payment methods

    Apart from operating from Switzerland, Perfect Privacy also comes with Swiss price tags. It’s definitely not among the cheapest VPNs out there. On top of that, its seven-day money-back guarantee is well below the industry standards.

    Here are the premium packages offered by Perfect Privacy VPN:

    • One month: $12.99/month (billed $12.99 each month)
    • One year: $9.99/month (billed $119.99 each year)
    • Two years: $8.95/month (billed $214.95 every 2 years)

    Screenshot of Perfect Privacy VPN, Pricing plans
    The company justifies its high price tags by enumerating its list of premium features and alluding to their respective maintenance costs. However, NordVPN is a vastly superior service, in our opinion, and its two-year plan costs only $3.99 per month.

    Perfect Privacy accepts the following payment methods:

    • PayPal
    • Major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, etc.)
    • Bitcoin
    • 50+ payment options available via Paymentwall (WebMoney, Sofort, Dotpay, Giropay, etc.)

    We definitely like the option of buying the VPN with Bitcoin. Perfect Privacy used to accept cash payments in the past, but that option has been discontinued. If you’re interested in purchasing your VPN with cash and remaining 100% anonymous, we recommend going with Mullvad VPN.

    Perfect Privacy doesn’t offer any free versions of their VPN, but you can use the modest seven-day money-back guarantee as a free trial of sorts.

    Customer service

    When we’re talking about VPN customer support, we have to pay attention to three things:

    • The quality of the knowledge base on the official website
    • The availability of different communication modes (email, live chat, phone)
    • The responsiveness and expertise of the support team

    Perfect Privacy truly shines when it comes to the sheer amount of useful information on its website. They offer a staggering amount of setup guides, FAQs, and troubleshooting manuals. We believe you’ll be able to solve 90% of potential problems simply by browsing this extensive help center.

    On the other hand, communication with the support team is limited to their ticket system. If needed, you can use TeamViewer to allow the support team to solve your problems faster.

    There’s also a support forum where you can ask for help or simply share your experiences with other Perfect Privacy users. Unfortunately, Perfect Privacy does not offer a live chat.
    Screenshot of Perfect Privacy VPN, Forum
    During our tests for this Perfect Privacy review, we got our answers from the support team in a couple of hours and were thoroughly satisfied with the provided information. Adding live chat would further optimize this process and greatly enhance the overall user experience.

    Server Network Perfect Privacy VPN

    Score scale 7/10

    When it comes to VPN server networks, the bigger, the better is our general rule of thumb. Having more server locations at your disposal allows you to beat online censorship, achieve better speeds, and unlock geo-restricted services. It also prevents server crowding and the lag caused when too many users are on the same server. With its current server configuration, Perfect Privacy gets a 7/10.

    The main takeaway here:

    • Perfect Privacy VPN offers 50+ servers in 26 countries.
    • Dedicated IPs are currently unavailable.

    Number of servers and locations

    Perfect Privacy VPN’s server network is modest at best. They offer only 50+ servers in 26 countries. This is another instance where their self-proclaimed premium status fails to hold any water. In comparison, ExpressVPN offers more than 3,000 servers across 65 countries.

    Having said that, there are a lot of things here we do like. The first is the fact that you can monitor server status on the official website. You can also gauge the available bandwidth and avoid connecting to overcrowded locations.
    Screenshot of Perfect Privacy VPN, On site server status
    We also love the fact that IPv6 addresses are available on almost all servers in addition to IPv4 addresses.

    Perfect Privacy’s client allows you to sort servers by name, ping, traffic, or country, which is a nice quality-of-life feature.
    Screenshot of Perfect Privacy VPN, Server sorting
    At the moment, Perfect Privacy offers VPN servers in the following locations:

    • Americas: Canada and the United States
    • Europe: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.
    • Asia: China, Israel, Japan, Singapore, and Turkey.
    • Oceania: Australia

    We especially like seeing dedicated VPN servers in China. This makes Perfect Privacy a great tool if you want to bypass its restrictive online censorship. The presence of obfuscation makes it borderline impossible for the Great Firewall to detect and flag your VPN traffic. The bottom line is that Perfect Privacy is one of the VPNs that work in China and can help you reclaim your internet freedom in this country.

    Dedicated IP address

    Perfect Privacy VPN doesn’t offer dedicated IPs. This feature is not a must-have by any means, but we would expect Perfect Privacy to have it, given its aforementioned premium boasts.

    Using a dedicated IP address means that your VPN will assign you the same IP every time you connect to a server. This IP will be tied to your account and nobody else will be able to use it.

    Instead of offering this option, Perfect Privacy has chosen to focus on increased user privacy by exclusively using shared IPs. This means you’ll be sharing your assigned IP address with hundreds of other users at any given moment. Shared IPs will allow you to “get lost” among other users. This is great if you’re using your VPN primarily for torrenting, since it makes your P2P traffic impossible to trace back to you.

    On the other hand, if you have a business website or run a company network, we recommend going with a VPN that offers dedicated IPs, like Private Internet Access.

    Perfect Privacy VPN’s Options

    Perfect Privacy offers a lot of extra options. This includes some handy features not available with any other VPN. The usual options we came to expect from good VPNs like unblocking Netflix and P2P filesharing are also there. Here are our main conclusions:

    • We were able to unblock various versions of Netflix as well as Hulu and Crunchyroll with Perfect Privacy.
    • Perfect Privacy offers P2P support on all servers, save for those in France and the US.
    • NeuroRouting can help you optimize your server choice.
    • TrackStop is Perfect Privacy’s combined adblocker and parental control tool.
    • Perfect privacy offers port forwarding.

    Perfect Privacy VPN and streaming (Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll)

    Contrary to what many Perfect Privacy reviews may claim, we had no problems unlocking Netflix US during our testing circuit. Honestly, it’s very difficult (if not impossible) for Netflix to block a stealthy VPN service. We watched some Netflix shows and movies on various servers without any proxy errors.

    We tested Perfect Privacy across a number of regional versions of Netflix and here are the ones we were able to unlock:

    • The US
    • The UK
    • Japan
    • The Netherlands
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • South Korea
    • Turkey

    If you’re having problems accessing any regional version of Netflix, you can simply activate the stealth feature and hide your VPN traffic from Netflix’s VPN filters. Having said that, we were able to access all versions on our first try without obfuscation.

    Apart from Netflix, we were also able to stream other popular platforms like Hulu and Crunchyroll without any lag or proxy errors.

    Perfect Privacy VPN and torrents

    Perfect Privacy supports anonymous P2P downloading on almost all of its servers. If you can’t imagine a day without firing up your uTorrent client, this might be the right VPN for you.

    At the moment, P2P filesharing is not supported on servers located in France and the US. If you try to initiate a download here, the servers will simply block it.


    NeuroRouting is a unique feature offered by Perfect Privacy that uses AI to find the most optimal route for your online traffic. The whole system is based on TensorFlow, which continuously analyzes current internet routing. Based on this data, Perfect Privacy VPN’s algorithm determines the most secure routes through the internet.

    The advantages of NeuroRouting include:

    • Choosing the VPN server closest to the traffic destination
    • Keeping your traffic in the encrypted VPN network as long as possible
    • External IP changes depending on the destination
    • In some cases, not exposing your traffic to the internet at all
    • Reducing the number of potential attack points
    • Making user tracking more difficult
    • Dynamic learning (the algorithm will “learn” and react to routing changes)

    You can activate NeuroRouting through your personal dashboard. Unfortunately, the client doesn’t offer this feature. Note that NeuroRouting might not be optimal if you want to use specific high-speed servers (while torrenting, for example). In this case, you should deactivate it and pick your desired server manually.


    TrackStop is Perfect Privacy’s adblocker that allows you to block unwanted domains on the VPN level. The company’s VPN servers use predefined blacklists to filter out unwanted domains. All you have to do is activate specific filters to enable specific domain-related blacklists.

    This feature includes the following filters:

    • Child protection
    • Tracking & advertising
    • Fraud
    • Fake news
    • Facebook
    • Google (note that this filter blocks ALL Google domains)
    • Social media

    TrackStop will protect you from ransomware attacks, tracking cookies, phishing sites, malware, browser fingerprinting, and many other online threats. It will also allow you to protect your children from inappropriate content. Lastly, it will also block annoying ads on your favorite sites.

    Port forwarding

    Port forwarding is generally used to optimize your speed for certain games or P2P software like torrent clients. It can also allow you to access your computer when you’re away. Without getting overly technical, it basically allows incoming data to bypass your NAT firewall.
    Screenshot of Perfect Privacy VPN, IP and ports
    However, keep in mind that browsing with open ports could expose you to all sorts of attacks. Many top-tier VPNs (like NordVPN) block almost all ports from your device except those most commonly used by popular apps. Those providers strongly believe that they couldn’t ensure your online security otherwise.
    Port forwarding is definitely a handy feature to have but we don’t recommend opening up any ports unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

    Our Experience With Perfect Privacy VPN

    Perfect Privacy VPN is easy to install, but its clients are not exactly beginner-friendly. Moreover, the VPN operates a modest server network with subpar speeds by today’s standards. It feels like the team behind it spent a lot of time developing certain aspects of their VPN while letting important things like speed and user experience fall behind.

    Power users will enjoy this VPN and its multitude of advanced features. Especially in terms of security, Perfect Privacy is on the right track. It uses good encryption, offers proxy connections, and keeps no dangerous logs.

    Perfect Privacy is a good VPN that’s held back by its pricing. At the moment, it can’t compete with top VPNs on the market since its price-to-value ratio is simply not up-to-par. However, the potential is definitely there and we can’t wait to see how Perfect Privacy improves upon these points in the future.

    Perfect Privacy VPN Review: Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have more questions about Perfect Privacy VPN? Simply click on one of the FAQs below to expand the answer.

    Is Perfect Privacy VPN safe?

    Yes! Perfect Privacy puts a huge emphasis on user privacy and security. It offers plenty of unique security features paired with a solid privacy policy that shows great regard for user anonymity. You can read all about its specific safety mechanisms in our full Perfect Privacy review.

    Where is Perfect Privacy VPN based?

    Perfect Privacy VPN is based in Switzerland, which is one of the best locations for a VPN service. It has no mandatory data retention, is GDPR-compliant, and has several pieces of legislation that safeguard user privacy. You can find more services dedicated to protecting your online privacy on our list of the best VPNs for this year.

    Is Perfect Privacy VPN free?

    No, Perfect Privacy VPN is a premium-only service (and an expensive one, at that!). It does come with a seven-day money-back guarantee, which can be used to test the software to see if it works for you. However, if you’re looking for a VPN on a budget, we recommend picking one from our list of truly free VPNs.

    Personal Opinions Experts VPNOverview

    “A privacy-oriented VPN service for power users who want many innovative security features. ”