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Internxt is a relatively new cloud storage service from Spain. Launched in 2020, it claims to offer the “world’s most private cloud storage” solution. The company provides secure, privacy-focused cloud services.

All Internxt software is open-source. And, even without a subscription, you can get full access to its services — but you’ll be limited to a 10 GB data cap.

Internxt uses a decentralized cloud architecture, which protects your files better and minimizes data loss. Files uploaded to Internxt are client-side encrypted. So, no third party can access them — not even Internxt.

In this Internxt review, we examine the cloud storage provider closely to determine if it makes good on its promises.

Internxt total score table showing results per category


  • Zero-knowledge architecture with AES encryption
  • All features are available without a subscription
  • Decentralized storage
  • Free version offers up to 10 GB storage space
  • Live chat available
  • Apps and website are easy to use
  • In development: email service


  • Only available in English
  • Virus scanner is not integrated in the drive
  • Unclear who owns the storage servers Internxt uses
  • Doesn't support file versioning
  • Only accepts credit card payment

Internxt distinguishes itself from other cloud storage services in various ways. Unlike NordLocker, all of Internxt’s features are available to users with a free account. Free users get up to 10 GB of storage space. And, you can use your cloud storage on an unlimited number of devices.

In addition to Internxt’s cloud storage and file transfer service, users also get a password manager and an antivirus tool. And, if you encounter any issues, you can reach its customer support via live chat.

Internxt’s decentralized cloud storage is one of the things that sets the company apart from other cloud storage services. Having your files distributed across various nodes means they’re better protected.

If one server is hacked, only a small portion of your data will end up in the wrong hands. Even then, it’s encrypted, so unauthorized parties will have a hard time accessing your files.

Internxt is a great option for anyone looking for a highly secure cloud storage solution. Continue reading our Internxt cloud storage review for an in-depth analysis of its features and performance.

Internxt Membership and Pricing

Wallet with coins and bills

Internxt offers free and premium private cloud storage. When you create an account, you automatically get 2 GB of free storage space. You can increase this to 10 GB by doing the following:

  • Install the mobile app and upload one file. This will earn you an extra 1 GB.
  • Share a file via a link. This will get you an additional 1 GB more.
  • Sign up for the newsletter. You will receive another 1 GB.
  • Install the desktop app and upload 1 file. This gets you 1 GB.
  • Invite four friends to use Internxt. You’ll get 4 GB of storage.

You could skip all this and get a premium subscription for more cloud storage space. There are three different plans you can choose from — monthly, annual, and lifetime.

FeatureFree PlanPremium Plan 1Premium Plan 2Premium Plan 3
Price (monthly)$0.00$0.99$4.49$9.99
Price (annual)$0.00$10.68$41.88$107.88
Storage2 – 10 GB20 GB200 GB2 TB
Live chat support
Virus scanner (online)
Unlimited devices
Local backup

Internxt’s Lifetime plan allows you to secure an allotted storage space “forever,” with a one-time payment. You can pay $299 for 2 TB of storage, $499 for 5 TB, and $999 for 10 TB.

All Internxt subscription plans come with the same features. The only difference is the amount of storage space you get.

Note: To get an Internxt premium account, you can only pay with a credit card.

If you’re interested in getting a VPN in addition to cloud storage, you’ll be glad to know that Internxt has a partnership deal with If you sign up for a one or two-year plan with, you’ll receive 2 TB of Internxt cloud storage for free for a single year. You can read about our experiences with this VPN in our review.

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Security: How Safe is Internxt?

Score scale 8/10

Internxt’s service is built on zero-knowledge encryption. All data is automatically encrypted and saved in decentralized storage. The company never transmits data in unencrypted form. This ensures no one can access your data in transit or on its servers.

We give Internxt’s security a score of 8 out of 10 for the following reasons:

  • All the files you upload are automatically encrypted.
  • Internxt depends on file sharding (cutting data into smaller pieces) to store data in a decentralized way.
  • Users can share encrypted files with non-Internxt users.
  • You can enable two-factor authentication (2FA) in the security settings.
  • Each plan includes an online virus scanner.


What is encryption icon

As soon as you upload a file to the Internxt drive, the file gets encrypted with AES-256 encryption. Only the user can see the content.

Also, Internxt uses decentralized cloud storage. So, your files are sharded. This means no file is saved in its entirety in one place. Instead, it’s split up into multiple encrypted parts that are stored across various servers.

As a user, you don’t notice all this; it happens in the background. You can upload and download files quickly from the app, share these files with others, and access them online.

Internxt decentralized cloud storage

In the past, Internxt used X Core, a peer-to-peer network, to store user data. People all over the world could rent out a part of their computer storage to the company. Internxt used these so-called “storage nodes” to store encrypted pieces of your files. But since countries around the world have different privacy legislations, Internxt stopped using this data storage method.

Internxt still uses a decentralized cloud storage system. Now, to keep track of where files are saved, it uses blockchain technology, which is also used in the world of cryptocurrency. A blockchain is comparable to an online activity log that everyone can see. When your file is moved, it’s noted on the blockchain.

Share your files safely with others

Secure file sharing icon

You can share the files you’ve got stored in your Internxt Drive with anyone, even if the other person doesn’t have an Internxt account. Each time you want to share a file, Internxt will create a new link based on your private key.

It’s up to you to decide how many times someone can click on this link. You can tweak the settings so that the person you’re sharing the file with can only open it once. Once they close the file, they won’t have access to it until you send them another link.

Each link is secured with end-to-end encryption. And since Internxt practices file sharding, you never send the actual file in its entirety. The receiver has to download it to access it.

Security settings

You can change your security settings via your account menu on the Internxt website. To do this, you need to enter your login details twice. While this may seem excessive, it is indicative of the high level of security the company upholds.

In the security menu, you can change your password, enable two-factor authentication (2FA), and download your backup key. Internxt has some extra tips for securing your account. The company recommends choosing a strong password and opting for a password manager.

For two-factor authentication, Internxt uses an authenticator app, which mitigates the risk of SIM swapping.

Screenshot of Internxt, Security settings

Online virus scanner

You’ll find a virus scanner on the Internxt website. This free antivirus scanner works online. You have to drag a file into the right box to scan it.

Screenshot of Internxt, Virus Scanner

This feature is completely free and easy to use. The only downside is that you have to manually scan all your files. We feel it would be better if Internxt integrates the virus scanner into the drive and makes the scanning process automatic.

Privacy: Does Internxt Take Good Care of Your Data?

Score scale 8/10
Security and privacy icon

Internxt does not collect any personal information or sell user data to third parties. We give Internxt a score of 8 out of 10 for privacy.

Here’s what we’ve found:

  • Internxt uses third parties for private cloud storage but doesn’t disclose which parties.
  • You don’t need to submit a lot of personal information when you create an account.
  • Internxt doesn’t sell users’ data.
  • Internxt offers good advice on how to improve your safety and privacy online.

Who’s behind Internxt?

Internxt has its headquarters in Spain. This means the company has to adhere to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Spain is part of the 14 Eyes alliance, which doesn’t make it the most privacy-friendly location. However, Internxt is committed to user privacy and doesn’t collect an excessive amount of information.

Unfortunately, Internxt still uses third parties for private cloud storage, although it no longer uses X Core. Internxt says it has data infrastructure across Europe. While the company hasn’t disclosed much information about which storage services it uses, OVHcloud is one of them. Internxt insists that all parties are GDPR compliant.

Moreover, thanks to its robust encryption and file sharding practice, files are not accessible or visible to Internxt or any storage services, only the user.

Privacy policy

Privacy policy icon

In its privacy statement, Internxt emphasizes that it can’t see your files and photos and that user data is not stored on any internal servers.

The company collects the following data when you create an account and use its service:

  • Any information you voluntarily submit when you create an account, sign up for its newsletter, or contact its customer service staff. This includes your email address, username, password, and additional payment details collected. All this data is encrypted.
  • When you use the website, desktop, and mobile apps, Internxt and its service providers collect data via cookies. This data includes the pages you visit, links you click on, time stamps, the browser you use, and your device ID. Additionally, Internxt collects your IP address as part of aggregated and anonymized data.

The information that Internxt collects is “not related to a specific user and will be stored” in our databases,” the company explains. Additionally, all information collected through cookies is pseudonymized.

Internxt collects less user data than NordLocker. Unlike most cloud storage providers, Internxt doesn’t collect or store data on your app use. Even your location remains unknown. However, other providers log your location.

Does Internxt share your data with others?

Internxt does not share any data with third parties unless it’s a functionality requirement or a legal order. However, the company’s privacy statement specifies that data will be communicated to the Spanish State Agency of Tax Administration and to banks and financial institutions.

Internxt uses Google Analytics. This means that the information it collects ends up in the hands of Google. To manage trackers and cookies, Internxt has included a step-by-step guide in its privacy statement.

Ease of Use: Is Internxt User-Friendly?

Score scale 8.5/10
Ease of use icon

Internxt is easy to use. The provider receives a score of 8.5 out of 10 for usability. These are the main things we discovered during our tests:

  • The website is easy to navigate, and the cloud environment works intuitively.
  • Installing the Internxt app on both desktop and mobile is easy. You can use Internxt on all your devices.
  • You can’t create any files within the cloud storage platform; you can only upload them. On your phone, you can save photos directly to the cloud.
  • Internxt supports cross-platform synchronization of files.
  • Internxt’s secure email service is currently in development.

Internxt’s website and installation process

The Internxt website has a professional design and is easy to navigate. It is only available in English, although Internxt is a Spanish company. The information is generally well-presented and easy to understand.

Once you log in, you’ll be redirected to your online account page, where you’ll see the files you’ve saved in the cloud. This is also the place to manually upload files from your PC or manage folders.

In contrast to popular cloud storage providers like Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive, Internxt doesn’t allow you to edit files within the cloud. It doesn’t have any office applications and is aimed solely at decentralized storage. Within your account page, you can change settings, upgrade your subscription, or check your payment history.

How to install Internxt on PC

Installing Internxt on your laptop or desktop is easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the official Internxt website and click Get started or Get up to 10 GB – for free.
    Screenshot of Internxt, homepage
  2. Enter your details to create an account. You can use a pseudonym and an anonymous email address if you don’t want to use your personal details.
    Screenshot of Internxt, create an account
  3. Within the account page, you can get started right away. You have the option to download the desktop app if you wish. Click Desktop App on the left.
    Screenshot of Internxt, web app interface
  4. Run the installation. Once completed, you can enter your email and password to log in.
    Screenshot of Internxt, desktop login screen
  5. You can use File Explorer to upload photos to your cloud storage or sync files from the desktop app.

How to install Internxt on Android and iOS

Installing Internxt on your phone or tablet is also very straightforward. Navigate to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the app.

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google’s Play Store. It’s called Internxt, Secure Cloud Storage.
  2. Open the app and log in with your email and password. Don’t have an account yet? Click Get started.
    Screenshot of Internxt, Android login screen
  3. You can now begin to sync your files and photos from your phone.

Working with Internxt

Generally, our experience with Internxt has been good. It has a web application as well as apps for desktop and mobile devices. Files saved on the cloud are available on all your devices.

On laptops or desktop devices, Internxt creates a separate folder in your Windows File Explorer. Everything you drag to this folder will be encrypted and stored in the cloud. On the desktop app, you can create automatic backups. Internxt doesn’t support file versioning, so the latest version of each file gets added to your backup.

On a smartphone, the Internxt app is also straightforward to navigate. The main screen shows the most recent files you’ve uploaded. Go to Drive to see all your folders. When you click Photos, all the images in your gallery will be automatically uploaded.

There’s a + sign for more actions. You have four different options:

  • Upload a file
  • Upload a photo
  • Take a new photo and save it in the cloud
  • Create a new folder
Screenshot of Internxt, Upload files

Cross-platform synchronization and Internxt Photos

In the Internxt application, you can choose to update files automatically by using the backup feature. Here’s how:

  1. Open the app on your laptop or smartphone and go to settings by clicking the cogwheel.
    Screenshot of Internxt, Desktop app interface, settings icon highlighted
  2. Navigate to Backups and select a folder you want to back up.
  3. Decide how often you want to create a backup (every six hours, twelve hours, daily, or within another time frame).
    Screenshot of Internxt, Backups tab
  4. Now, you’ll always have access to the most updated version of your files.

Internxt Photos works similarly to the backup feature. If you open your Photos folder in the app on your smartphone, an automatic cloud backup of all your photos will be created on your phone. It’s impossible to manually select which photos will be uploaded to the cloud. All photos are automatically saved. This means you can access them from any device and delete them from your internal storage.

Internxt Send and Internxt Mail

Email services icon

Internxt has been busy expanding its services. It introduced Internxt Send in 2022, and Internxt Mail is still in its beta phase. Both features are freely available to anyone with an Internxt account.

Internxt Send is a secure file-transfer service that makes file-sharing easier. Internxt Send, an alternative to WeTransfer, allows you to share files directly with others, without having to upload them to the cloud first. Internxt uses the same AES encryption and decentralized cloud storage for Send as it does for Internxt Drive.

At the moment, Internxt Mail exists in beta. This email service offers zero-knowledge client-side encryption. In other words, no third party — including Internxt — will be able to see what you exchange within this email system, only the user. You can use your own domain name or get an official address.

Does Internxt have a money-back guarantee?

Internxt offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for its subscriptions. You can only use this once. Keep in mind that you can’t fall back on the 30-day money-back guarantee if you use Internxt’s premium services past the free trial period.

All you have to do to get your money back is reach out to the Internxt customer service team. You can do so via live chat or by sending an email to

Internxt also has its own cryptocurrency, known as INXT. If you own more than 1,000 INXT, you receive a 90 percent discount on your subscription. Having about 100 INXT gets you a 50 percent discount. Contact Internxt’s customer service for this discount.

Customer Service

Customer service icon

Internxt has an online knowledge bank to help if you run into issues. It can be tricky to locate it since there’s no specific tab for it. You have to scroll down and click Support at the bottom of the page.

The live chat button also takes you to the online help center. There are over thirty different in-depth articles on encryption, how Internxt services work, and how to cancel a subscription. All this information is available in English.

If you need more help than the online support center offers, contact Internxt’s customer service agents. There are two ways to go about this:

  • Send an email to
  • Use the live chat feature on the Internxt website

We chose to reach out to an agent via live chat. When we opened the widget, we received a notification that agents generally respond within three hours. We received a response to our first request within the minute. The second time we contacted Internxt, it took them longer to get back to us — one day.

The website keeps track of your conversation. Once we restarted the chat for a second time, we could choose to continue our original conversation or start a new one.

Agents can converse in English, Spanish, French, and Russian.

Screenshot of Internxt, livechat

Final Verdict: Is Internxt Worth Purchasing?

Although it has only been around for a few years, Internxt measures up to other popular cloud storage service providers. There are some teething issues, but Internxt shows a lot of promise.

With strong encryption and decentralized storage, Internxt is focused on user privacy. Its software, which is open-source, runs smoothly on both desktop and mobile apps. You can use Internxt’s cloud storage for free on all your devices at the same time.

Ready to try Internxt? Click the button below to get started right away!

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Internxt Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Internxt? Check out our FAQ below to get some answers!

What is Internxt?

Internxt is a decentralized cloud storage service. It encrypts your files and breaks them into pieces before storing them across various servers. This adds an extra layer of protection against hackers and other intrusive parties.

Is Internxt safe?

Yes, Internxt is a safe cloud storage service. It uses AES-256 encryption and a decentralized cloud storage setup. You can read more about its security and features in our Internxt review.

Is Internxt free?

Internxt offers up to 10 GB of free cloud storage space. This free plan gives you access to all features, including live chat support. You have to “level up” to 10 GB by completing some steps, such as downloading the app on your phone or inviting a friend.

Internxt also offers subscription plans that come with considerably more storage space.

Where is Internxt based?

Internxt is based in Spain, which is a member of the 14 Eyes coalition. Since Spain is part of the EU, Internxt has to adhere to GDPR standards.

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