Social Media

The moment you share something on social media, you’re giving up part of your privacy. This isn’t necessarily bad, but you do have to be aware of what information you’re sending out into the world. Once this information can be found on the internet, it might just be available for everyone to read. Aside from that, many social media platforms are free to use the information posted by their users any way they like. A social media platform can sell, send, and data-analyze your content at any time. That means that your private data suddenly isn’t so private anymore. This entire section will focus on how you can ensure your privacy on different social media platforms.

The Privacy Settings of Your Social Media

It can be very fun, educational, and convenient to be active on social media. You’re able to share moments of your life, keep in touch with friends and meet like-minded people without having to leave your home. In order to make sure it stays fun, however, it might be good to check the privacy settings of the different platforms you use.

What information do social media businesses collect about you? How can you take back control of your own data? The articles below will look at different popular social media platforms and show exactly how you can maintain your privacy on these apps and websites.

What Does Social Media Know About You?

There are many popular social media platforms out there. Chances are, you’re using some of them yourself, whether you’ve been an active member of Facebook for years or have only recently been swept up by the hype surrounding TikTok. Most of these platforms are free to use, which might make you question how they make their money. More often than not, the answer is that they earn their share by selling data – your personal information included. Needless to say, you should probably keep tabs on what companies such as Facebook and Twitter know about you. For more information, read the articles below.

Privacy on Social Media: Tips and Tricks

There is more and more talk in the media about the importance of our online privacy. This is a good thing, because the risks you run on the internet are endless. Many people know by now that Facebook has had its share of privacy scandals. Google is also known for collecting an awful lot of information about its users. Giant companies everywhere are preying on your information.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to protect your online privacy. You could use alternative platforms, for example. Local laws might also work in your favor: if you live in the EU, it’s possible to make use of the right to be forgotten. In the articles below, you can read more about how to ensure your privacy on social media.

How to Delete Your Socials

Are you sick and tired of constantly having to check Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and all those other platforms? If you find yourself wanting to delete one of your social media accounts completely, simply follow one of our guides below.

Social Media Scams

Unfortunately, there are plenty of scams to be found on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Cybercriminals always find new ways to fool people – so it’s better to stay ahead of them! The best way to avoid getting scammed online is knowing what kind of scams to look out for. From fake offers to phishing messages to malware links, plenty of dangers abound online, but being vigilant is key to staying safe.

Read the articles below for an up-to-date overview of the latest scams on different social media platforms.

Research: How Reliable is Social Media?

Social media allow us to voice our thoughts, share our opinions, and get information and news from all over the world in a matter of seconds. It spreads power and allows everyone a platform – but unfortunately it isn’t all good.

Aside from privacy-related issues, social media can be a danger in different ways as well. How reliable are the things you see on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? How real are the platforms that some celebrities and influencers have built there for themselves?

From fake followers to fake news, the research below aims to answer such questions and give some insight into the strange world of socials.

Protect Your Privacy on Social Media

To protect your privacy on social media, it’s important to first check the terms and conditions of the social media platform you’re using. Not every platform invades your privacy to the same degree. If you do decide to use the social media platform, think twice about everything you post. Sometimes, uploaded pictures might seem private, but this can be deceiving. A lot of text, videos, and pictures could be removed from your profile if you wanted, but that doesn’t mean they’re wholly gone from the internet.

Always double-check the privacy settings of your social media. Since their big scandals, Facebook has made adjustments to their privacy settings. Users now have more insight into their data, and it has become easier to change or delete information. It’s wise to check your options before you start using a social media platform extensively. To help you with this, we have created this dossier with easy guides for all kinds of social media platforms.

Social Media Apps and Permissions

A lot of social media nowadays have apps for smartphone and tablet. When you use an app for the first time it will ask you for permission to access certain files on your phone. When this happens, always check which kinds of files the app wishes to see. Some apps don’t need your camera or location, but still ask for permission to access them. In such a case, you can always deny this access.