Original Research

A free, secure internet starts with transparency. We can only keep ourselves safe online if we know what’s happening to our data. In order to give more insight into the online world and everything connected to it, our VPNOverview research team does its own original investigations.

Whether we’re getting to the bottom of the privacy policies of the most popular social media apps, investigating recent cybercrime trends and numbers, or disclosing data leaks we discovered at international businesses and organizations, we always work towards creating a safer and more accessible online world. You can read all of our original research pieces below.

Data Breaches and Leaks

For a company, there are few things worse than finding out that your business was compromised by a hacker. For a customer or client, leaked personal information can have devastating consequences. Any system has its weak points, and cybercriminals might exploit those weaknesses if they aren’t patched in time. As a result, user information might be spread online, private details and passwords might be sold on the dark web, and the company’s reputation might suffer severely.

In order to help out organizations and businesses around the world, our researchers work hard to find weaknesses in existing systems and notify their owners so they can be fixed before anyone takes advantage of them. You can read all about our finds and how these businesses increased their online security below.

Privacy on Social Media and Apps

More and more is possible with the apps and social media we have access to today. The question is: do these apps actually keep your information safe? Apps that have access to your gallery might use that data for their own benefit. Old social media platforms might still have all sorts of details about your private life. What happens to this information? We investigated exactly that in the research pieces below.

Did cybercrime numbers climb during the COVID-19 pandemic? Has that increase lessened since then? What kinds of cybercrime run rampant, and who is most likely to become a victim? These are questions that are relevant to any internet user. VPNOverview is dedicated to taking a regular deep dive into the numbers to figure out what the current state of cybercrime in the world is today. Read our original research and conclusions below.

Other Research

Sometimes, the scope of our research goes beyond the usual categories, but can still add a lot of value. Here are all the remaining pieces of research our team has done over the years.