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The 10 Best LookMovie Alternatives: A Summary

Like many free movie sites, LookMovie went offline, as ACE (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment) and MPA (Music Publishers Association) shut down the website for copyright infringement last year.

Fortunately, there are numerous LookMovie alternatives to choose from. After our extensive testing and research here are the 10 best LookMovie alternatives:

  1. Goojara: Best LookMovie alternative
  2. MusicHQ: Heaps of recent movie releases
  3. SolarMovie: The latest Hollywood releases and an Android app
  4. Cineb: LookMovie alternative with 4K streams and international content
  5. FMovies: Regularly updated with new releases
  6. Afdah: HD content with good filtering options
  7. GOKU: Alternative to LookMovie with Hollywood and Bollywood movies and TV shows
  8. YesMovies: Numerous ads, but heaps of free movies and TV shows
  9. Flixtor: Sleek user interface with easy navigation
  10. Putlocker: A resilient free movie streaming site

However, LookMovie hasn’t disappeared completely from the spotlight just yet – you can still access the platform via a mirror site. Nevertheless, free streaming sites can carry some risks, that is why we recommend you use NordVPN to safeguard your online identity and safeguard your data.

Ready to check out the best alternatives to LookMovie? You’ll find our full recommendations below.

Movie clap and red box of popcorns icon

LookMovie was a popular free movie streaming site that offered TV shows, too. However, it was targeted by authorities in 2022 due to copyright infringement. Fortunately, we’ve found plenty of LookMovie alternatives for you.

Below, you’ll find the best LookMovie alternatives to stream online movies. They combine vast content libraries with a good user interface, plus plenty of content filters. We also have a surprise for you – one LookMovie mirror still exists!

But before you go perusing our free movie site collection, ensure you have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to protect your online identity. Penalties for copyright infringement can include loss of internet service, fines, and even worse in some countries. Pop-up ads on some sites also carry the risk that someone could gain access to your personal data. NordVPN can help you with all of the above.

The Best LookMovie Alternatives in 2023

The best alternatives to LookMovie combine everything that made that website great. A sleek user interface, filters that help you to find the content you’re looking for, and varied movie and TV show libraries. That’s what we sought out while researching and testing sites like LookMovie.


VPNOverview doesn’t endorse piracy or illegal activity in any form. Free movie sites may or may not have permission to stream copyrighted content. The risks involved with accessing illegal content can, in the worst-case scenario, include termination of your internet connection, financial penalties, or prosecution.

We fired up our NordVPN connection to test all of these LookMovie alternatives and more. The below list is a collection of what we believe to be the best 10 LookMovie alternatives you can use for streaming movies and TV series online.

1. Goojara: Best LookMovie alternative

Goojara.to streaming platform website homepage

Check Out Goojara If You:

  • Want a simple, clean interface
  • Would like to see regularly updated content
  • Prefer to see few ads
  • Need multiple servers in case one isn't working

Choose Another Option If You:

  • Rather see all titles laid out as posters

Visit: Goojara

Goojara is the best place to watch free online movies and TV shows. Unlike some LookMovie alternatives, this site offers a simple interface that lets you jump straight into new releases. They’re all handily depicted by their movie posters on the homepage. Click on one, and it’ll launch a player immediately.

Aside from the posters, you’ll also find recent uploads lower down on the homepage. This is a blend of the latest movies and the newest TV show episodes. It clearly works well – we immediately spotted Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, so it’s regularly updated.

During our tests, the site was fast and responsive. We were able to watch Ahsoka immediately after clicking on it. There was only one advert too – when we started the show, which was great as we did not get interrupted by any ads throughout the series.

2. MusicHQ: Heaps of recent movie releases

MusicHQ streaming platform website homepage

Check Out MusicHQ If You:

  • Want the latest TV show episodes and movies
  • Want to be able to download content
  • Have a phone that can use the Android app

Choose Another Option If You:

  • Get annoyed by pop-up adverts

Visit: MusicHQ

Don’t let the name fool you – it’s not for music. You’re looking for free movies and TV shows, and MusicHQ has them in droves. You can even download content! Just be wary that the very latest links are likely to be cam-quality. HD–quality versions usually land a few weeks after the cinema.

We gave this website a quick test drive. It’s easy to navigate, with a clean interface that rivals LookMovie. The Trending Movies, Latest Movies, and Latest TV Shows sections made it simple for us to find what we wanted. We launched Barbie with no problem and with zero adverts. We also noted that you can download an Android app that’s equally uncluttered.

MusicHQ is one of those free movie sites you don’t want to use without a VPN. While we’ve vetted the site, and it should be free from malware and other threats, it’s still crucial to use a VPN. NordVPN will ensure you remain anonymous when accessing free movie sites like MusicHQ.

3. SolarMovie: The latest Hollywood releases and an Android app

Solar Movie streaming platform website homepage

Check Out SolarMovie If You:

  • Want the latest Hollywood movies
  • Have an Android smartphone
  • Want to see some international content too
  • Prefer to actively avoid cam-quality links

Choose Another Option If You:

  • Would like a minimalist interface

Visit: SolarMovie

For the latest Hollywood blockbusters, we really like SolarMovie as a LookMovie alternative. It follows a similar interface to MusicHQ, laying out popular new releases in movie poster format. You’ll also find a lot of international movies and TV shows.

We found it useful that each poster has a label depicting its quality. You can quickly filter through to avoid “Cam-quality” movies and find HD alternatives. But even when we tested a cam version of Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning, the quality was good, and the link worked fine.

While we tested SolarMovie on a Mac, it’ll work on other desktop devices too. You can also download SolarMovie on Android smartphones as an app.

4. Cineb: LookMovie alternative with 4K streams and international content

Cineb.net streaming platform website homepage

Check Out Cineb If You:

  • Don't mind the occasional ad
  • Want the latest new releases, in HD or 4K
  • Enjoy watching international content

Choose Another Option If You:

  • Want a completely ad-free experience
  • Get frustrated by dud movie links

Visit: Cineb

Cineb is another LookMovie alternative promising the latest cinema releases. Right off the homepage, we spotted at least four movies that are still showing on the big screen. A handy label indicates whether you’re dealing with HD or cam-quality content.

Of course, we put Cineb to the test. We launched a stream of Insidious: The Red Door. While the website tends to be a little slower than the other alternatives to LookMovie we’ve listed above, the stream eventually loaded. We saw zero ads, and there was even a handy tooltip underneath that provided a movie plot summary.

Cineb offers a handful of 4K quality streams, not to mention shows from international countries. We discovered content from regions including Spain, Italy, New Zealand, and more. While the occasional link might fail to load, it didn’t really cause us any frustration due to the volume of other content available.

5. FMovies: Regularly updated with new releases

FMovies streaming platform website homepage

Check Out FMovies If You:

  • Want a vast library of movies and TV shows
  • Would like to see content from different countries
  • Want a well laid-out site that's easy to navigate

Choose Another Option If You:

  • Don't have an ad blocker

Visit: FMovies

FMovies offers both movies and TV shows. There’s no account required, and you can easily filter through the large content library. The navigation menu let us choose by genre, country, and best IMDb ranking.

We tried launching an HD stream of No Hard Feelings, and the quality was good. Though, we did see two pop-up adverts. Both tried to install software, and one was misleading. It asked us to click “Allow” to view the website, which actually would’ve turned on annoying notifications. Pop-up ads can be dangerous as they carry malware like a computer virus.

We recommend using an ad blocker like Norton 360 if you visit FMovies, which offers a comprehensive security suite with robust malware protection.

6. Afdah: HD content with good filtering options

Afdah Movies streaming platform website homepage

Check Out Afdah If You:

  • Want to filter content by year
  • Are looking for a site with both free movies and TV shows
  • Only enjoy watching HD streams
  • Would prefer a good user interface

Choose Another Option If You:

  • Are looking for content from multiple countries
  • Get frustrated by ads

Visit: Afdah

Unlike other LookMovie alternative sites, Afdah only offers HD movie streams and TV shows. Even with this restriction, we saw plenty of new releases available right on the homepage. But bear in mind that Afdah only has English content.

Finding content is pretty simple. You can filter through shows and movies by both Year and Genre. When we tested Afdah, we were able to watch Secret Invasion, which loaded perfectly in high definition. We also checked this site on a mobile device, and it’s just as intuitive.

Be wary that we got an alert from our NordVPN anti-threat tool when visiting Afdah for the first time. It suggested that the site might contain malware. This is why we strongly advocate using NordVPN’s Threat Protection when using free movie streaming sites like Afdah. It can help you avoid hidden dangers.

7. GOKU: Alternative to LookMovie with Hollywood and Bollywood movies and TV shows

GOKU streaming platform website homepage

Check Out GOKU If You:

  • Need a pretty large content library
  • Only want to see HD streams
  • Enjoy simple user interfaces
  • Want Bollywood content options

Choose Another Option If You:

  • Want to see international content

Visit: GOKU

As an alternative to LookMovie, GOKU is steadily rising in popularity. In part, this is due to the HD-only content. You won’t find any cam-quality streams here. It’s also almost entirely focused on English-speaking content, save for a great selection of Bollywood movies!

We found the content library itself to be fairly large, considering this is one of the newer free movie sites. TV shows and movies are split into genres, and you can even catch shows from major streaming platforms like Netflix. The library is regularly updated, too, making it one of the better places to watch TV shows online for free.

When we tested GOKU, we counted at least five brand-new releases that still haven’t left the big screen. We were able to access Barbie and Oppenheimer streams easily and in full HD.

8. YesMovies: Numerous ads, but heaps of free movies and TV shows

Yes! Movies streaming platform website homepage

Check Out YesMovies If You:

  • Want a good interface, with a dark mode option
  • Prefer having extensive content filters
  • Are looking for the top IMDb recommendations

Choose Another Option If You:

  • Get frustrated with persistent ads

Visit: YesMovies

YesMovies is a long-standing free movie website that’s been around for a while. It’s usually one of our go-to’s when we’re looking for alternatives to LookMovie or any other free movie streaming site that’s been shut down. The site has managed to collate a huge library of HD movies and TV shows over time, which can compete with the content some of the best streaming services offer.

Within that library, we found loads of new releases when testing YesMovies, including numerous big-name theater pictures. We launched a Meg 2: The Trench stream to see how the site fared. The stream played in high definition, but it wasn’t without issues.

In total, we saw three pop-up ads before our movie played. This is on top of the floating, faux “Skip Ad” button, which felt a little ironic (don’t click on it). There were also numerous embedded ads, and many bypassed our Norton pop-up blocker. But if you can deal with the ads yourself, this is a great resource for free movie streams.

9. Flixtor: Sleek user interface with easy navigation

Flixtor streaming platform website homepage

Check Out Flixtor If You:

  • Prefer sleek interfaces that make navigation easy
  • Want useful categories to find specific genres
  • Need a large library of English content

Choose Another Option If You:

  • Don't have an ad blocker

Visit: Flixtor

Flixtor has one of the best user interfaces among our alternatives to LookMovie. Not only does it look great, but we found it really easy to find whatever we were looking for. This is, in part, due to excellent content filters.

Before we could test a stream, a full-screen pop-up ad appeared, displaying adult images. After clicking that away, we launched a Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse stream. The quality was good, though we did see two more pop-up ads before getting into the movie.

The content of these ads isn’t appropriate for kids, and worse, accidentally clicking on one could infect your device. If you want to check out Flixtor, make sure you’re using Bitdefender’s powerful ad blocker.

10. Putlocker: A resilient free movie streaming site

Putlocker streaming platform website homepage

Check Out Putlocker If You:

  • Want a regularly updated free movie site
  • Are looking for both free TV shows and movies
  • Enjoy watching Asian TV content

Choose Another Option If You:

  • Dislike persistent pop-up adverts

Visit: Putlocker

Putlocker’s been around forever. Even in the face of free movie site closures, this one stands resilient. Over time, the interface has remained clean and easy to navigate – though it’s supported with adverts.

We found Putlocker’s choice of filters great when testing the site. You can filter by Genre, Country, Year, and much more. There’s also a content filter for Asian Dramas, making it one of the best free TV show sites to find this type of content.

We tested out Putlocker and put its filters to the test. Finding the latest cinema releases was simple, and we were able to launch an HD stream of Hidden Strike in seconds. Meanwhile, filtering by country gave us a vast choice of international content from more than 25 countries!

Bear in mind that being one of the oldest free movie streaming sites comes with its drawbacks. Our ISP (internet service provider) blocks Putlocker by default. The only way around it is to download a VPN like NordVPN, so your traffic goes through an encrypted tunnel.

Best VPN for Streaming Free Movies and TV Shows: NordVPN

Using a VPN when browsing free movie streaming sites is essential. We recommend you set up your VPN connection before even navigating to a LookMovie alternative. While the best free movie sites pose no threat, there’s always a chance that they can be hijacked.

According to our extensive tests of dozens of VPN providers, NordVPN is our preferred VPN for free movie streaming, owing to its enhanced security tools and streaming-friendly features.

Homepage of a NordVPN website, July 2023

For starters, NordVPN will encrypt your online data and mask your true location. Your internet service provider can usually see all your online activities. But with a VPN active, what you do online will remain private, making it very difficult for third parties to spy on your connection.

NordVPN will also give you more options. Take the United Kingdom’s BBC iPlayer, for example. Ordinarily, it’s blocked outside of the UK. But you can access BBC iPlayer from anywhere if you download NordVPN and connect to a UK VPN server because it changes your IP address.

With rapid connections that don’t slow you down and unlimited data, NordVPN is your best friend for streaming free movies and shows. And we chose this provider specifically due to their Threat Protection feature. It’ll stop you from visiting a compromised site in the first instance.

NordVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try the provider for free without committing.

Why We Recommend Using a VPN for LookMovie

VPN shield icon with thumbs up around it, representing advantages of a VPN

Official streaming services tend to be secure. But if you choose to visit an unofficial online streaming site, you should understand the risks.

While a handful have licenses to operate legally, most free movie sites are breaking the law. Streaming copyrighted content could be illegal in your country. This could mean facing legal consequences if you engage with these websites and use their content.

There’s also a more direct risk of being infected with malware. In most cases, this will happen if you visit sites we haven’t vetted that contain malicious software through pop-up ads.

Fortunately, you can lessen these risks massively by using the best VPNs, as they encrypt your online information and change your virtual location. Moreover, most top VPNs have enhanced threat protection tools to safeguard your device from malware.

What Happened to the Website LookMovie?

You’ve probably realized that most of the LookMovie alternatives on this list show copyrighted content that’s still in theaters. This means they’re running the risk of being shut down at any time. This is why we’ve lost so many free movie streaming websites over the years, such as Soap2day and Popcorn Time.

How to access LookMovie

The good news? LookMovie isn’t completely off the board yet! Like many of these websites, it has simply moved to a new mirror – an alternative website address. Follow our quick guide below to access the LookMovie mirror:

  1. Get a VPN like NordVPN. LookMovie has come into the crosshairs of anti–copyright agencies. Don’t risk exposing your internet activity.
  2. Install the VPN on your device.
  3. Connect to a VPN server with strong connection speeds.
  4. Visit the LookMovie mirror to access its large content library.
LookMovie streaming platform website homepage

Right now, you can still watch movies on LookMovie by using the updated mirror site. Just be mindful that it probably won’t last forever. If it does eventually disappear, we’re confident you’ll find good alternatives to LookMovie in this list.

Find the Best LookMovie Alternatives

Play icons around trophy icon

Our best LookMovie alternatives draw together all the things that made LookMovie great. With sites like LookMovie, including Goojara, MusicHQ, and SolarMovie, you can still watch free movies and TV series online.

Just make sure you’re erring on the side of caution if you choose to access free movie sites. Always use a VPN to hide your activity and protect your data. It’ll minimize the possibility of having your personal information compromised.

With its Threat Protection built-in, NordVPN is our top choice of VPN to watch movies online. It’ll also bypass any ISP content blocks that stop you from accessing sites like these. And with no data cap, you can watch unlimited movies and TV shows.

If you’re looking for alternatives to the other popular free movie streaming sites, check out our useful guides below!

The 10 Best LookMovie Alternatives: Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about our selection of LookMovie alternatives? Check out our FAQ section below for the most commonly asked questions!

What is a replacement for LookMovie?

Combining the best of what made the site great, our best LookMovie alternatives are Goojara, MusicHQ, and SolarMovie. However, there are several top free movie streaming sites out there that have great content libraries.

Did LookMovie get taken down?

LookMovie has come under fire from anti-copyright agencies, and the site was shut down. That said, there is still one existing LookMovie mirror available! You should use a VPN like NordVPN if you decide to visit this site to ensure your online data is protected.

Is LookMovie safe and legal?

Visiting LookMovie and other free movie streaming sites can never be 100% safe. In some countries, you’re breaking the law if you visit websites that host copyrighted content. You could also encounter malware – though our LookMovie alternative websites are secure, for now. This is why we recommend using a VPN like NordVPN to access free movie sites.

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